Why was ThePackageReport birthed? Well, I guess you could say there are a few reasons.

Breaking Free of Mainstream Undies and Swimwear

First, I have grown quite tired of mainstream media and countless fashion articles shoving the same “top” 10, 15, 20 pairs of underwear in my face. I mean there are countless numbers of styles, brands, colors, contours, and fabrics out there. So why do I keep getting redirected to the same basic “boxer-briefs” every single time? This same rant can be applied to the male swimwear industry, why do I keep being told to wear boardshorts… There must be more out there, right? So, my goal is to expose the more adventurous side of men’s underwear and swimwear.

With that being said, you are probably like me and look at more “exotic” underwear/swimwear and ask, “Where do I begin?”. So, we still start this adventure together.

Covering the “package”

Second, I am tired of reading underwear/swimwear reviews that do not cover the important topic here: how does this fit my package? With the age of photoshop and the fact that every underwear model has a body most of us could only dream of, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell how underwear will fit. Some underwear brands make it look like you would have to have an eight-inch softie to fill out their underwear, while others make it seem like you would need a one-inch softie to fill it out.

Thus, this will be a key feature of each review that is accomplished. Yes, I said it, I will let you know what size frank and beans are recommended for each type of underwear and swimwear I review. I have decided to categorize the male package into seven categories based on the whole package.

You can find the Package Chart here

The “Taboo”

Last, whether you are straight, gay, bi, or anywhere else on the LBGTQ+ spectrum, sometimes you would rather wear women’s clothing. For years, I have struggled to find men’s clothing to fit me properly. I have an “average” waist, slightly larger hips, thinner thighs, and long legs. That combination is not necessarily mainstream in the men’s fashion industry but is for women’s clothes. Now, just to be clear, I do not identify as a cross-dresser, but I do occasionally wear women’s shorts, bikini bottoms, leggings, and I guess for the sake of this blog I will try underwear (We can cross that bridge when we get there). Thus, I will probably not be reviewing the following: dresses, skirts, women’s lingerie, or anything to that nature (sorry :L)