Package Chart

Please see the Package Sizing Chart that I utilize for all reviews.

” = inches

Type:Flaccid Penis Length:Flaccid Penis:Testicle Size:
1. Grower3.25” or less3.30” or lessA bit more compact
2. In-between G and AYou meet 1 or 2 “Average” ranges, but not all three
3. Average3.25” – 4.00”3.330”- 4.05”Regular Size
4. In-between A and SYou meet 1 or 2 “Shower” ranges, but not all three
5. Shower4.00”-5.00”4.05”-5.05”A bit meatier
6. In-between S and WYou meet 1 or 2 “Well-Endowed” ranges, but not all three
7. Well-Endowed5.00” or more5.05” or moreBeefy
Penis Size Reference: According to the “British Journal of Urology International (BJUI)" the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches long and 3.66 inches in girth.
Testicle Size Reference: You can use the calSD calculator
My Size: 5. Shower
Flaccid Length - Fluctuates between shower and well-endowed
Flaccid Girth - Shower
Testicle Size - Shower

Remember people, this is your natural daily hang. You know, how your package is actually going to spend most of it’s time in your underwear or swimwear. I know there will be outliers for each of the 7 categories, but hopefully, this will get you started.